The Eastmans

A pilot produced for Warner Brothers and CBS in 2009:  Legendary heart surgeon Charles Eastman is dying. His sons and daughters, all accomplished doctors in their own right, come to discover their father has no intention of leaving his renowned cardiac institute equally to his daughters.  An ethical family battle dovetails beautifully with an urgent procedural, as the children must save lives and hearts at the top private hospital in New England. 

Donald Sutherland
Jacqueline Bisset
Saffron Burrows
James D’
David Wilson Barnes
Gabby Hoffman
Jesse Bradford


Written by Margaret Nagle
Directed by Jason Ensler
Cinematography by Lawrence Sher
Production Design by Stephen McCabe
Costume Design by Hope Hanafin
Music by James Raymond, Andrew Bird, Devendra Banhart


Saving Their Father


Taking The Heart