The Curse Of The Fuentes Women

A pilot produced for Warner Brothers and NBC in 2015: When a mysterious young man inexplicably emerges from the ocean, he breathes new passion into the lives of the Fuentes women – the beautiful but heartbroken Lola, her ailing and lonely mother Esperanza, and her anguished daughter Soledad.   Their troubles in love are the result of a curse put on them by Orquidia, Esperanza’s jealous and vengeful sister.  Little do they know that the young man in the ocean was once Esperanza’s lover and he has returned to undo the curse. 

Christina Vidal
Adan Canto
Rachel Ticotin
Sonia Braga
Katie Sarife
Daphne Rubin-Vega
Kristina Reyes
Mariana Da Silva


Written by Silvio Horta
Directed by Jason Ensler
Produced by Andrew Maher
Cinematography Robert Gantz
Production Design by Carlos Barbosa
Edited by Jennifer Barbot
Music by Adam Cohen


The Spell Is Cast


Salvador Returns For Esperanza


Esperanza Comes To Life