Original Behind The Scenes Promo

Shot on 16mm Bolex Cameras, this campaign captured the stars of NBC getting ready for the fall season.  Winner of several ProMax awards and nicely stolen by HBO for their fall 2001 launch.


NBC Upfront 2000

My first network wide montage for the 2000 Upfronts, we photographed the empty sets of The West Wing, ER, Friends, and Frasier, ghosted in the audio from those shows, then cross-pollinated with the spirit of the season. Advertisers went bananas. So I heard.


NBC 75th Anniversary

Long before the days of the internet and easy access to DVD extras, it took six weeks to gather all this footage from video houses in North Hollywood and private collectors.  Music by Adam Cohen, recorded with a 75 piece orchestra.


Scrubs Launch

This spot, written by Mike Loprete, landed me a gig on SCRUBS, where I had no clue what I was doing.  

Watch my first episode of television here.


Lost Olympic Spots

This is when I learned who Sasha Cohen was.  I’ve loved her ever since. Alina Zagitova’s got nothing on her.